About the Instructor

Hello, I’m TJ Franks, welcome to my site. I hope you spend some time looking around, and if you have any questions please contact me. Here’s a little background about myself and how I got involved in guns and my philosophy on teaching self-defense. 
The most important thing you should know is although my foundation and knowledge was provided to me by the Marines, there are basic principles that anyone can learn and apply to 1. Increase your skill and confidence using a firearm and 2. Increase safety for yourself and/or your family. 
My love for guns and self-protection began in the Marine Corps. During basic training I discovered I was a really good shot. All it took was learning the basics and applying them. This earned me the highest qualifying score for marksmanship in rifle in my unit. Eventually my marksmanship skills earned me a place on the Marine Rifle and Pistol team, where I won a Bronze medal while competing with the pistol. During this time, I was also a Rifle and Pistol instructor to Officers, staff NCO’s and NCO’s. This is when I realized my love for teaching and helping others to increase their skill level and confidence with their firearm. 
After this, I went on to become a member of Marine Force Recon, where I took all the things I had learned previously and applied them to my everyday life. These experiences are what I draw on to teach others about personal defense both inside and outside the home. The same techniques that kept me safe, will keep you safe as well in your everyday life. 
Several years ago I decided I wanted to reconnect with my love of teaching and became a certified instructor for all of the classes that you now see on my website. I am a firm believer that the responsible gun owner is focused on gun safety, and this begins with proper training. The skills needed to be an excellent shot, to feel confident in any situation and to do this safely are skills any gun owner can easily learn. I have taught a wide variety of people from those who have never held a gun before to those who have been shooting all their lives.  I teach each individual on their skill level, concentrating on the basics and what you need. I believe that everyone can learn these skills and shoot as well as I do.  
If you are a new shooter wanting to learn the basics or an experienced shooter who is looking for additional skills or to improve your technique, give me a call. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

TJ Franks