Utah Concealed Carry Class

  • Firearm Safety
  • ​Utah Concealed Carry Laws
  • Basic ​Marksmanship Training
  • ​Shooting Positions
  • ​Hand Gun Parts/Operations
  • ​Types of Actions
  • ​Gun Malfunctions
  • ​Practice Ammo v. Defensive Ammo
  • How to best Conceal your Gun
  • When Deadly Force can be applied
  • ​Law Enforcement Encounters
  • ​Awareness in your Environment
  • ​Training, Training, Training

Personal Protection Inside the Home

  • ​​​Firearm Safety
  • ​Mental Preparation
  • ​Developing Defensive Shooting Skills
  • ​Strategies for the Home and Personal Safety
  • Firearms, Self-Defense and the Law
  • ​Selecting Firearms, Ammunition and accessories for Personal Protection
  • ​This Particular class is on an individual bases. This class is presented in your home. 3-4 hour Power Point Presentation and then an indebt classification of how safe your home is and also how vulnrible your house as well. Tips on how to make your home and family as safe as possible.

Personal Protection Outside the Home

  • Firearm Safety
  • ​Strategies for Personal Safety Outside the Home
  • ​Carrying a Concealed Handgun and Presenting the Handgun from Concealment
  • Developing Basic Defensive Shooting Skills
  • Developing Concealed Carry Shooting Skills for use Outside the Home
  • Special Defensive Shooting Techniques
  • ​Concealed Carry, Self-Defense and the Law