Utah Concealed Carry Class

  • Firearm Safety
  • ​Utah Concealed Carry Laws
  • Basic ​Marksmanship Training
  • ​Shooting Positions
  • ​Hand Gun Parts/Operations
  • ​Types of Actions
  • ​Gun Malfunctions
  • ​Practice Ammo v. Defensive Ammo
  • How to best Conceal your Gun
  • When Deadly Force can be applied
  • ​Law Enforcement Encounters
  • ​Awareness in your Environment
  • ​Training, Training, Training

Personal Protection Inside the Home

  • ​​​Firearm Safety
  • ​Mental Preparation
  • ​Developing Defensive Shooting Skills
  • ​Strategies for the Home and Personal Safety
  • Firearms, Self-Defense and the Law
  • ​Selecting Firearms, Ammunition and accessories for Personal Protection

Personal Protection Outside the Home

  • Firearm Safety
  • ​Strategies for Personal Safety Outside the Home
  • ​Carrying a Concealed Handgun and Presenting the Handgun from Concealment
  • Developing Basic Defensive Shooting Skills
  • Developing Concealed Carry Shooting Skills for use Outside the Home
  • Special Defensive Shooting Techniques
  • ​Concealed Carry, Self-Defense and the Law