Lets just start out with, that I had an amazing time! Most fun I have had shooting in years. TJ is an excellent instructor, very professional and you can tell he has years of experience. TJ went out of his way to make my wife and I feel comfortable throughout the entire course and spent one on one time with each of us . I feel like I left the range a more well rounded shooter and prepared for a more advanced course. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family and will be booking further instruction in the future.  

Marshall Bryant

​TJ is an amazing instructor! I wanted to learn how to shoot, but the only people in my life able to teach me are my dad and some friends. Good shooters, terrible instructors. TJ was able to explain everything thoroughly, effectively, and was patient with my learning ability. He answered all of my questions, constantly gives me tips of how to do better and break bad habits in order to maximize my shooting ability. I HIGHLY reccommnd his services. You will leave the room feeling accomplished! He will go above and beyond to make sure you feel safe, secure, and have the ability to defend yourself. Don't learn from a friend, spouse, or family member. Make the investment to get some professional training from TJ.

MIchelle Kolin

Personal Trainer

​August 17, 2017


I was looking at getting my conceal permit but had never shot a semi-automatic or had any formal firearms training. I am so glad I chose TJ to work with. I was nervous but as soon as we got started all that went away. We shot several hand guns to see what worked best for me. TJ explained everything thoroughly and made it very enjoyable. He is very knowledgeable and could answer all of my questions. I am still working with him and planning on taking some of the tactical training classes he offers also. I am having a great time! Thanks TJ 

Seari Wachs

​August 1, 2017


I would like to thank you for helping me in handling hand guns and longs as well as gun safety. It was truly a great experience on learning the difference on how to handle a weapon. Thanking you for your time and attention given to me during the time on the firing range.

Daniel Eli Rivera

Firearms instructors always go over situational awareness but T.J. Dedicated an entire block of instruction to the topic. Even better he didn't teach me in a class room with videos, slides, and discussions. T.J. Took me out in public where I could experience the things he was teaching first hand. Every time we met after that for training, no matter where it was, T.J. Would check that I was practicing situational awareness, make corrections, and offer advice from personal experience. T.J. Brought the same attention to detail and observation to the range as well. He never let me settle for just "ok". Thanks T.J. I'm looking forward to some more training.

Lucas F.


I learned a lot and broke a few bad habits within minutes of being under the watch of TJ. He is great with communication, when he tells you about how great you did you feel like you climbed a mountain, the mistakes you made are taken serious but in no way does TJ make you feel insecure about it or bad about it. When he helps correct what you did wrong it feels like he is building you up, making you feel confident that the next run the mistake you made will be forever be forgotten and not repeated. (which everything he said I did fix and not repeat). After you do a run and you go over EVERYTHING the good and bad, you are even more ready to get back on the course! I took away a lot of new skills and a lot of knowledge today and I can not wait to learn more from TJ. I was terrified to be around all these men and that I might embarrass myself but they all made me feel like I was a pro in a way and most importantly a friend. If you want someone that knows the tiniest mistakes you're making, or just to even clean a gun or to know the gun laws and much much more TJ is your guy! Words cant even explain how I felt after today! I am excited to get better and to expand my knowledge.

Thanks so much!!

Cassie Jaramillo 

TJ is an outstanding teacher. It is one thing to be an expert and another to be able to show and explain how to shoot properly. He is very calm and instruction is fun. I am learning how to shoot handguns and rifles. I feel very comfortable with a variety of handguns and can shoot accurately at self defense distances and beyond. I can shoot a rifle accurately at 100 yards and we are working on 200 yards. I am confident we will meet my goals of handgun competence to 25 yards and rifle competence to 300 yards,

Greg Saunders



I would like to take the time to thank you for allowing my so to go shoot with you. He was impressed with the different hand guns as well as the several long guns you allowed him to handle and do live fire with. He was taken back on how good it felt learning gun safety and shooting at large and small targets. I want to thank you for your help in this matter and we are looking for more training especially on home protection and on different other senerios,

​Amidor Rivera ​Jr